Vapelog: Day 0 (yes zero is a number)

A good friend of mine bought an electronic cigarette (he bought a Halo G6). We’ve played this game before circa 2005, also known as The Great Red Dragon Fiasco.

Now I gotta say it looks like these things have come a long way from then, and the Halo G6 was actually a pretty decent puff (he had some kind of minty liquid in it). He says I should get one.

Fast forward about 5 hours.

I have done a ton of research. Apparently the Halo G6 is what is referred to as a “cigalike”. Cigalikes have the form factor of an actual cigarette (called “analogs” in the Electronic Cigarette community), which is mostly a battery and a (usually proprietary) cartridge (called a cartomizer or carto) that holds the liquid nicotine and an atomizer.

The Halo G6 can be had with either a manual battery (you have to push a button to activate it) or an automatic battery (this is more like an analog in that you just suck on it and it fires the atomizer). Apparently the main drawback of an automatic battery is that they can fire when you don’t intend them to, and so you end up with a dead battery when you want to “smoke” (referred to as vaping).

The bonus of the G6 is that it is not entirely proprietary. The batteries have 808 threading, so I could get adapters that would allow the battery to be used with other gear (like standard cartos and tanks which mostly use 510 threading). Also Halo makes a “clearo” (essentially a cartomizer that is clear so you can see how much juice is left in it).

It seems to me that I’d be better off getting some standard gear that will work with common 510 stuff without adapters.

I’m just gonna order one of these “starter” kits that I keep seeing.

I’ve seen several recommendations for an ego style battery starter kit from different people, and I keep seeing listed as a reliable vendor.

I’ll order this eGo T starter kit that comes with two clearos and two 1100mAh ego style batteries, a charger and a carrying case:

The actual kit I started with

The actual kit I started with

It’s only like $40, if it sucks I’ll just get something better.

That’s everything I need to get started, except juice. I keep seeing recommendations for, so I’ll get some stuff from them too.

Oh man, too many choices. What flavor? What size? What strength of nicotine do I need? What is PG, what is VG?

There is really no one that can answer those questions for you (well except the part about PG and VG). Unfortunately there is still not a whole lot that is known about how nicotine absorption from vaping occurs. After quite a bit of debating, I decided that I would go with 24mg for nicotine strength (I smoked a pack of Marlboro Reds a day, and this was plenty strong for me). Others will be ok with 18mg or 12mg to start.

I am going to write a juice primer, and I will link it here when I do (here it is: Primer: e-Juice).

For now the take away is that I ordered 2-3 flavors that sounded like things I would like (including one tobacco flavor) in 15ml size, all at 24mg nicotine strength, all 80/20 on the PG/VG ratio (PG gives more of a “throat hit”, VG is what creates most of the vapor cloud. PG also carries flavor better). I also ordered a 30ml bottle of a menthol flavor. Oh, and apparently some of these juices can crack plastic tanks. Better order a Kanger Protank too just in case. Shit, now I gotta pay extra shipping because MBV doesn’t carry Protanks (edit: apparently now they do in fact carry Protanks).

So I spent another ~$20 at DiscountVapers on a Protank and a pack of five replacement heads.

Look, I’m not gonna sugar coat it: you’re not going to find a juice that tastes like a cigarette.

liked the flavor of Reds. I wouldn’t smoke anything else. But a fact is a fact, and no one has got a Marlboro or a Camel flavor (though both of those companies are in the electronic cigarette game now, so it may happen one day). I figured that since menthol cigarettes don’t really taste like cigarettes to me (since I never smoked menthols unless I was deathly sick), maybe I can trick my brain into thinking that I’m just smoking a menthol.

I spent roughly $65 at DiscountVapers (who I really recommend, good prices and great service), and another $40 at MountBakerVapor (who I also recommend for decent inexpensive juice). Right around $100 and I shouldn’t need to buy anything for maybe two weeks. That’s about what smoking would cost (here in California, in other places some people pay like $18/pack!). After that it’s just juice and clearos.

Now we wait.