Vapelog: Day 28

Today was rather lazy (a change for us, but every once in a while we get a Sunday when nothing needs to be done).

Went to see World War Z. I’ll preface this by saying that I am not a fan of zombie movies. I think the whole concept is pretty dumb.

That said, this was the best “zombie” movie I’ve ever seen. The acting was good, the amount of “oh of course everything is going wrong” was about right for what was going on, and it kept me guessing.

On the vaping front, since stepping down my nicotine content to 12mg I really haven’t had any issues. I kinda thought that was going to be harder than making the switch from analogs to vaping for some reason, but it totally wasn’t.

I’m out of juices to try, but really enjoying the ones I have.

Now that Fourth of July sales have been announced, I am having a hard time picking the vendor I want to try next.

I think it has come down to Indigo Vapor or Gremlin Juice.

They both sound so good! Indigo has sample packs, so they’ll probably get my money this go round.


Vapelog: Day 27

Ok, I am never making another freehand coil for a rebuildable atomizer. Micro coils are totally easier, and work much better.

First a recap.

This is a standard freehand coil from my IGO:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

That is the second coil I wrapped on the IGO, the first was too low resistance to use.

This is the first micro coil I wrapped:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Notice how it is pretty much perfect? Yeah. And it was super easy. I’ll do a how to post on micro coils soon.

For now, here is a picture of this bad boy firing:


Click to enlarge

Say what you will about the iPhone. It takes nice pictures.


Vapelog: Day 26

Today I am trying Unicorn Juice from TVC. This juice underwent a name change from the time that I bought it to today. When I bought it, it was called Unicorn Poop. Apparently that is a trademarked name for a cookie, and the guy that owns the trademark is very serious about it. It’s cool, I didn’t want to vape something with poop in the name anyway.

When I got this out of the mail it was unvapable. It tasted exactly like cherry cough syrup. I almost threw up.

I let it sit in the car all day in 105F weather, and the flavor profile changed radically.

It tastes like a raspberry cupcake, with just a hint of blueberry. And white frosting. White frosting everywhere. This is probably the sweetest thing I’ve vaped.

Now I normally have a sweet tooth, but this is too much. The only way I can vape this is while drinking black coffee.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been reading about “micro” coils. I think I am going to try this on the IGO tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Vapelog: Day 25

So I tried Some ‘Mores from TVC today. I don’t know how I feel about this one. I think I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve had more of a chance to drip this one. I threw some in an eVod, and I’m just not convinced that it has aged long enough, but I’ll know for sure in the IGO.

I get the graham, and maybe a hint of marshmallow (hard to say).

Aaaaaaaand the 4th of July sales start being announced. Kinda glad I didn’t order some juice last night.

The Vapor Chef: (must… resist… too many others to try!) 10% off through the 4th (code: JULY10)

Seduce Juice: 20% off until 7/6 PLUS Free shipping over $50 (code: MURICA)

The Vape Juice Shop: 40% off any three bottles of regular juices expires 7/8/13 (doesn’t include deal category and sample packs). (code: july4th)

Gremlin Juice: 15% off (code: july4)

Indigo Vapor: 15% off from July4th-6th (code: July4th2013)

Mountain Oak Vapors: 25% off liquid (code: HAPPYJULY)

Halo Cigs: 20% off juice, free shipping on orders over $75. (code: FREEDOM)

My wife is going to kill me 🙂


Vapelog: Day 24

Today I am sampling Frosty Strawberry from The Vapor Chef.

It’s tasty, the strawberry flavor is not like a real strawberry. It’s more like those hard strawberry candies in the red and green wrappers that are supposed to look like a strawberry.

Again, I think I’ve been spoiled by living in central California, and having free access to some of the best fresh strawberries on the planet.

There are so many highly recommended juice makers out there, I am having a really hard time deciding on what to sample next.

I think I’ve pared it down to either Indigo Vapor or Gremlin Juice for my next order. Indigo offers an actual sample pack (several actually, the big ones offer 11-15 bottles in 4ml sampler sizes), where Gremlin just has smaller bottles you can order (10ml, still kind of expensive).

I hear so many amazing reviews that I think I’m starting to develop e-juice ADD.

I have plenty of juice so I am in no danger of running out (though if I keep ordering it my wife may cancel my debit card. Love you hunny!).

I think I am going to wait for a sale before ordering, as the 4th of July is coming up, and there are usually lots of juice sales around holidays (it pays to do some research).

Then again, after vaping on the Key Lime Pie I got from Captivape, I think I want to order some juice from them too…


Vapelog: Day 23

Yesterday I alluded to a friend of mine’s mobile vaping setup. Well as luck would have it he left it in my car! So I have pictures (sorry dude, this is just too cool not to share).

Here is the carrying case:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

This is a KLOUD aluminum “cigarette” case from Amazon. This has a spring loaded lid which opens automatically when opened by sliding the front of the case down:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

You’s have to see it in action, the spring loaded lid is pretty slick. He’s taken some rigid packing foam (probably from a rack mount appliance) and cut it to fit snugly inside the case, then bored out two holes in it for a eGo-C passthrough 650mAh battery and an EVOD tank.

And a side view:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

You can get a bit better idea of how this works by looking at the full size image.

Here is the contents of the case:


Click to enlarge

I don’t know that you can see it in this picture, but I’m pretty sure it would be possible to cut the foam out a bit differently and be able to fit a small juice bottle in there, and I’m certain that you could also get an extra tank head or two in the bottom of that foam with some careful work.

Here is a picture of the assembled contents next to my EVOD/eGo 650mAh VV pass through for size comparison:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

It’s only about an inch shorter, but my battery totally won’t fit in that case.

Here is the part that I’m interested in most though:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Yeah, that’s a standard micro USB connector (mine has some weird proprietary MicroB usb connection). With this battery I can leave the cable at home (I have a whole box full of them at work).

That’s a pretty sweet travelling set up. If you really pushed, you could probably get a second battery in there along with the wee juice bottle, EVOD, and extra head.

My only complaint is that the battery is not variable voltage. You might be able to find a variable voltage eGo battery that will fit in this case, but not a pass through, and with a 650mAh battery, you’re gonna need that pass through far more than variable voltage (you could sub out the EVOD for an IGO-S or maybe a Smok Mini RDA and just build your coil to the battery).

If only someone made a 350mAh or 400mAh eGo pass through that was variable voltage and about that size…

Now that would be perfect!


Vapelog: Day 22


Awesome. I feel good and continue to be excited about trying new things in the world of vaping.

I tried Funky Monkey from TVC today. I’m on the fence about this one. The nutty taste is overpowering. I get a hint of banana and maybe a touch of chocolate, but mostly nuts. Maybe this needs to mature more before the banana flavor becomes pronounced. On the other hand, banana has always been one of those flavors that they never seem to get quite right unless there are real bananas in it. I’ll reserve judgement.

So I’ve been thinking about vaping, and the gear that I carry around. I think that I need to get something smaller for daily carry. Maybe an eGo 350mAh passthrough and an EVOD, or a small RDA with a short drip tip. I’m not sure yet. I really wish that Kanger would get it together and release the Protank Mini that they have been touting for the last six weeks. They keep saying two weeks more, just get it already! TAKE MY MONEY!

I saw my friend’s daily set up and I am going to try to get some pictures to share as it is pretty slick.


Vapelog: Day 21

What the hell was I thinking?

So we decided to drive back from San Diego after we left Legoland at about 7pm.


I slept in until about 11am (that never happens), and spent most of the day just laying around the pool drinking beer and vaping.

All in all it was a good weekend. I took the Mount Baker Vapor Extreme Ice and Cranapple from The Vapor Chef into Legoland yesterday (I forgot to mention that yesterday, didn’t want to risk having something I didn’t like and being stuck with it all day). I vaped the Extreme Ice a couple of times, but I would say it was the equivalent of maybe four cigarettes over an entire day. That wouldn’t have been unheard of, but would definitely been unusual were I still smoking analogs.

Today I am vaping Schmecto Shmooler from TVC. It’s ok. I think this one may need to age a bit more, the flavor is very muted. It does indeed taste like an Ecto Cooler from what, the ’90’s was it? I can’t remember if that was the late eighties or early nineties. Either way, not bad.


Vapelog: Day 20

Ok, first things first. Legoland was AWESOME!

The kid loved it. I loved it. My wife loved it. Totally didn’t get to see everything, so we are coming back again next summer.

They had the largest lego model ever built there (the lifesize X-Wing that was unveiled in New York last month), which had just arrived about 7 days ago (which is cool because all of the pieces are still shiny and new). I’m totally jealous that they didn’t have this stuff when I was a kid!

I saw my first wild vaper! I’ve heard tell that vaping is widespread in SoCal, but I’d not seen anyone with an APV (I think I like Advanced Personal Vaporizer better than electronic cigarette, as the ones I have look nothing like a cigarette). We had ducked into a table to grab a drink and a bite to eat (If you go to Legoland, buy one of the reusable drink cups the first time you get thirsty, it’ll save you some serious money (and you’re still going to have to pay $1 per refill). We were sitting at the table getting ready to head on when I noticed two women puffing on eGos sitting on a bench.

We had been at Legoland for about three hours at this point, and I had not had the urge to vape. Had I been smoking, I’d have had to smoke at least once during that time.

Anyway, pretty cool.

My first Protank head died today. At least I think that is what happened. It won’t fire. And I don’t have more heads with me (but I do have an eGo as backup). I’ll check it out when I get home (I have two other empty Protanks in the car). Even if it is fried, 20 days on a single $2 head is pretty dang good.


Vapelog: Day 19

This one and the next couple days are going to be quick, as I am in San Diego for my son’s birthday.

Yeah there is a reason that I avoid L.A. like the plague.

Ok people here is a tip; watch what the cars in front of the one in front of you are doing, and we won’t have to come to a screeching halt every time someone taps their brakes. Or every 1.2 miles, whichever comes first. I mean seriously, I can see where the problem starts AND THERE IS NO PROBLEM!

It’s like every person in L.A. has become so scared of driving on the freeway that if they are going more than 40 miles an hour they all feel the need to randomly slam on the brakes.

So. Stressful.

It’s a damn good thing that I have an electronic cigarette, or there would seriously be dead people all over the I-5.

That said, I had not one single urge for a cigarette. The Vapor Chef’s juice tastes so much better than any cigarette I’ve ever had, why would I short change myself?

Well we made it to the hotel without any cigarettes or murders, and tomorrow it’s off to Legoland early!