Vapelog: Day 1

My gear has arrived!

Unfortunately it arrived while I was at work, so I didn’t get to it until about 6pm. Apparently the electronic cigarette community refers to this as VapeMail (does everything about this have a cool name?).

I smoked a cigarette at about 5pm before I drove home.

I got the two ego kit, a Protank, five replacement heads for the Protank, and four juices. Well I ordered 4, but MBV sent a 15ml sample! How cool is that? I got Extreme Ice (this is the menthol flavor), Butterscotch, East Coast Tobacco, Ocean Breeze (kinda smells like a Pina Colada), and the sample of something called America, I wonder what it tastes like? Gunpowder and freedom if the name is accurate!

Luckily the batteries arrived charged, so I loaded up one of the clearos with the Extreme Ice and… shit it doesn’t work. Ha ha, just kidding. Apparently these ego style batteries can be turned on and off by pressing the fire button five times in rapid succession (I think within two seconds on most of them).

Wow, really minty! but not terribly much vapor. Oh well, it’s got some serious throat hit, this is almost like smoking a menthol cigarette.

Fast forward two hours.

The Extreme Ice and the Butterscotch are pretty good (I’m a big fan of butterscotch, you will see this again).

Ok I don’t even want a cigarette. This is pretty cool. So I’ve been reading on reddit that these clearos are disposable. And like $3-4 each to replace. But everybody says they suck (maybe that’s why I’m not getting much vapor). The Protank is better, and will last.

Fast forward about 30 minutes.

Ok well the lack of vapor could be the clearos, or maybe it’s that I selected 80/20 for my PG/VG ratio. Maybe I’ll go 50/50 on the next juice order. Either way, I need to get some rebuildable tanks. Looks like the Kanger Protanks are pretty durable, and I can use the same atomizer heads on the EVOD’s.

I’ll have to look around and see if I can get a deal on another Protank, and maybe a couple EVOD’s…



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