Vapelog: Day 2

I tried the Ocean Breeze and East Coast Tobacco juice. Ocean Breeze is ok, East Coast Tobacco is like vaping Honey Nut Cheerios! Totally not like a tobacco flavor at all, but I like honey nut cheerios, so whatever.

Speaking of juice, I need to sample some more, there are so many vendors. I keep seeing people recommend The Vapor Chef. I think I will order some sample size 6ml bottles from them. Wow all of this looks and sounds really good! Well I don’t want to spend a fortune (better keep it under $25), but I do want to find something that I really like. I spent a long time debating what to get, but I eventually pared it down to sample sizes of Peppermint Pattie, Caramel Apple, Fluffy Cake, PB Nomnoms, Hobbes’ Blood, Frosty Blue Jazzberry, and Honey Pearry (this is what everyone kept talking about).

Hey apparently there is a juice company located here in town! Highbrow vapor is local! Maybe they know where I can find a local vape shop! Maybe I can get the juice somewhere local (that would be awesome, I really don’t want to run out). I’ll email them. Oh, and here we have a juice review for their Peach Thymbra juice. Says that it is the best peach that the reviewer has ever tried. I like peach, and we do certainly grow some tasty ones around these parts. I think this is the one I need to try next.

Oh look! A reply from Highbrow! Apparently there is a place here in town that carries their juice! Wow and the owner even offered to meet me somewhere local to drop it off if I couldn’t find what I wanted at the local B&M (it’s actually a head shop, but apparently they carry a little bit of electronic cigarette stuff). Well I know where I’m going for lunch!

Fast forward two hours.

Ok that was disappointing. The head shop has about nothing in the way of vape gear, except for stuff that is designed for vaping weed (not that I have anything against weed, I just don’t do it anymore). They did have the Highbrow Peach Thymbra juice though! Only in 50/50 mix with 18mg nicotine though. Well that’s ok, I wanted to try the 50/50 mix anyway, and I can just vape more if I don’t feel like I’m getting my nicotine fix!

It’s pretty good. Very light peach flavor, but it is tasty! A bit more vapor with the 50/50 mix, but I bet it’s because these eGo batteries are not variable voltage. Not enough power with the stock 2.5 ohm head in the Protank. It came with an extra 1.8 ohm head, so it’ll probably be better with that, but I don’t want to get it all sticky. So I’ll wait and see when this head dies.

I still don’t really want a cigarette. I mean, yeah I miss it a little bit, but it’s now been almost 24 hours and I haven’t hardly even thought about smoking. Maybe I should give my remaining cigarettes away…



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