Vapelog: Day 3

Ok this vaping thing is really cool. It’s just like smoking, but it tastes better, and from everything I can tell is about 10,000x less harmful. I seriously enjoy this, and I don’t feel the need to smoke an actual cigarette.

I find that I am vaping more than I smoked. I think this has to do with how the nicotine is absorbed. It’s not the same as a cigarette, you don’t get that instant rush. I have yet to get sick from vaping too much though, so I’m not worried about it.

I’ve been pretty absorbed with learning all about this stuff, and there is a lot of information to take in.

Apparently I should have gotten a variable voltage eGo battery, as pretty much everyone is saying that is the way to go for the best experience (well outside of people saying that you can only really experience vaping if you spend $400 on a custom mechanical mod and another $200 on a rebuildable dripping tank). I’m going to buy one.

I’ve been eyeing a voltage regulated mod (pretty much anything not an eGo style battery or a cigalike is called a mod), in specific the Sigelei ZMAX v3 telescope (man that’s a mouthful!). While there are cheaper mods that do variable voltage, this also does variable wattage. That’s awesome because it does the math for you. You select the wattage you want to put to the coil, and it calculates the appropriate voltage based on the resistance of the coil that is on it. So 8w on a Protank with a 2.5 ohm head is the same experience as 8w on a Protank with a 1.8 ohm head. I think I need one of these.

Fast forward a couple of hours.

Oh look, a sale on Protanks! Sweet, I need two. And a couple of EVOD’s (hey I got more juice coming, I gotta have something to try it in right?).

Note: Now in retrospect this seems kinda crazy. I’d been vaping for all of three days and was about to drop about $150 more on hardware. Yeah I’m like that. I get into something, I want to do it right. Photography? I need a $1000 DSLR and some $500 lenses (yeah I did that, and I don’t regret it one bit. I have taken some awesome pictures of my kids with it). But I don’t just buy the first thing I see, I do research and will pick something that is good quality. I’m kind of a “buy once, cry once” kinda guy. I looked at a lot of reviews and was seriously considering a Provari (many consider these to be the absolute best regulated mod available, but they don’t do variable wattage). In the end I decided to go with the next best thing, the Sigelei ZMAX. I’ll do a review at some point and link it here. For now, here is Phil Busardo’s review that sold me on this particular mod.
As an aside, Phil is one of the best reviewers I’ve come across. He is very thorough, and just has a really good screen personality. If you want good information on what is out there and available you should check out his site at

So I bought two more Protanks, two EVOD’s, a variable voltage eGo type battery (for backup purposes), and a Sigelei ZMAX v3 Telescope. Grand total ~$150 plus shipping. What I’ve essentially done here is buy a new starter kit with all upgraded components. It cost roughly three times what the actual starter kit I bought did, but should give me a much wider range of capabilities.

Three days without a cigarette and I’ve noticed that my sense of smell and taste is sharpening. I drank a cherry pepsi today (I’m a Coke guy, but the cherry pepsi is what I had available, what are you gonna do?), and noticed that the cherry flavor was WAY more pronounced than I remember. Weird. I feel good, no mood swings, though I seem to go through short periods of feeling like I’m getting sick (lasts maybe an hour). I have to assume that this is my body going through withdrawls from the lack of tobacco alkaloids and whatever other chemicals I’ve been inhaling for the last 20 years.

Ok, I’m not ordering anything else for at least a week, and then I think I may need some juice.



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