Vapelog: Day 4

I still haven’t really craved a cigarette, even being around other people that are smoking. This is a major coup, as with every other method that I’ve tried using to quit, the urge to smoke was almost unbearable when around other people smoking.

I’ve discovered that I can taste the base components of the juices that I have from MBV. It’s not the flavoring, it’s a weird slightly sweet almost chemically taste. I think this is the PG and VG base. Now I’m sure this is like anything else that you eat; there are undertones that you can taste, and they will vary in strength and taste with the manufacturer of the ingredient.

I’ve done some searching and it seems that this goes away with most juices if you age them for anything from a few days to more than a month for some juices. Well I don’t really have time for that since I don’t have any other juices. There are plenty of theories on the internet about how to speed this process up (and many methods to achieve the same end result). Heating the juice gently seems to be the general theme.

I tried what is known as the “nuked rice” method. Essentially you take uncooked rice and microwave it without adding water and then bury the juice in the heated rice, leaving it in there until the rice is cool (about an hour). You then repeat this process until the flavor changes.

Everyone’s microwave is different so try it in 30 second increments so that you don’t wreck your microwave. I find that 60 seconds on high is plenty in my microwave.


Fast forward a couple hours.

WOW, major difference in flavor of the Ocean Breeze from MBV! It’s so much more… pineappley!

I did two cycles of the nuked rice method, and will be doing this with all juice from here out.




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