Vapelog: Day 6

First day not at work while not smoking. This was kinda tough, but not because I was craving a cigarette. At least not the actual cigarette. I gotta admit that analogs are much more convenient than vaping.

Saturdays are generally the day that I do all of my shopping and running around with the wife (or yard work or whatever).

If I were a woman and had a purse this probably wouldn’t be an issue. I have this big case of stuff to carry around. I think that this is mostly paranoia. I could probably get away with just an eGo battery and the Protank, but what if the battery dies? What if I drop the Protank and it breaks? What if I run out of juice?

As an aside, this is kind of a quirk with me. I carry all kinds of stuff on me. My pants weigh like 17 pounds because of all the stuff I carry. I have a knife, a flashlight, a lighter (they’re handy in their own right), a USB drive, a pen, a wallet, keys, another knife (hey you never know), a handkercheif, and an iPhone. The only thing that you can see is the iPhone (I keep it in a pouch that clips to my pocket). Everything else is in pockets, and I can still get to it all quickly and easily.

So I’m rolling around with the eGo carrying case (which is a good size for this by the way) with two eGo 1100mAh batteries, a Protank on one, an extra head for the Protank, one of the generic clearos that came with the kit, the USB cable, and a bottle of juice. The case kinda fits in my back pocket, but not well.

A pack of smokes and a lighter is indeed so much more convenient. At least until it kills you.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it, and once the addiction to analogs is well and truly broken I can probably get away with one eGo battery and a Protank for running around.

Still not actually craving a cigarette though. Which I gotta say is pretty awesome.



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