Vapelog: Day 7

Hanging out on a Sunday, watching the USPS tracking website.

Looks like I will have VapeMail tomorrow with new Juice from The Vapor Chef, and some hardware too. I hope the Sigelei works good.

Speaking of the Sigelei, I should mention here that while I did buy a starter kit that came with batteries and a charger, I am not going to use them (well at least not if I don’t have to).

I am going to write a post about batteries and their use in mods (it’s an incredibly complex topic), and I will link it here when I do.

For now suffice it to say that I won’t use anything but AW IMR batteries in an electronic cigarette, and I have a NiteCore Intellicharger i4 charger that I will use. The batteries used in these things are not like AA batteries. They can be quite dangerous if you are careless with them, and using cheap batteries or chargers will make catastrophic failure events much more likely.

I spent most of the day relaxing by my pool enjoying vaping and some beer.

I haven’t craved a cigarette, and my mood is really good, but that might have something to do with The Midget (I have a 4 year old son whom I affectionately refer to as The Midget) tearing ass around the yard yelling that he can’t walk. The kid is a riot.



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