Vapelog: Day 9

I find that I need to vape a menthol or mint flavor in the morning. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the coffee thing that I hit on the other day. I just thought I’d throw that out there.

I spent most of yesterday aging the samples I got from The Vapor Chef (using the Nuked Rice method). Wow, still a pretty pronounced difference from right out of the mail (less so than with the stuff from Mt Baker Vapor), but I gotta say that I get where the extra money for this stuff is going. I paid almost as much for a 6ml sample from TVC as I did for a 15ml bottle from Mt Baker Vapor, but the flavor profile in the VAPOR Chef ones I’ve tried is very complex, where the MBV ones seem pretty flat (not that they are bad, pretty good actually).

For instance take Honey Pearry. On the inhale, I get a nice clean honeydew melon (not very sweet, but then I think I’ve been spoiled by living in California’s Central Valley and having access to the most delicious melons on the planet), the exhale is a hint of nice clean pear, and the aftertaste is a crisp strawberry. How the hell do you do that? It’s good.

The Peppermint Pattie flavor changed noticeably, it now tastes just like a Junior Mint, with a very clean aftertaste. I love Junior Mints. It’s pretty delicious.

I tried the PB Nomnoms, it is like a peanut better cookie (but less sweet than I like them). It’s good, but I feel like there is a flavor note missing. I think this one may need to age a bit more, or maybe it’s just not my favorite.

Still not craving cigarettes.

I’m getting plenty of Nicotine from vaping, I’m actually considering moving down to 18mg juice on my next order, maybe even 12mg. We’ll see.



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