Vapelog: Day 10

Two words: Fluffy Cake.

I never had Red Velvet Cake until I was maybe 24 or 25, and it is delicious. Easily one of my top 3 cakes (right behind my wife’s Carrot Cake and my dad’s Chocolate Overload Cake). Fluffy Cake is Red Velvet Cake. Complete with cream cheese frosting. It is the weirdest thing, there is actually mouth hit from this one. I feel like I am eating Red Velvet Cake. It’s like the feeling you experience just after you swallow a bite of the cake, where there is like a thin film of the frosting and bits of cake still in your mouth. Amazing.

This one is easily my favorite from The Vapor Chef so far.

I’ll tell you what if cigarettes tasted like this, every kid in America would be smoking by age 6 (so let’s be thankful that cigarettes taste nothing like this).

I’m kind of in shock that I still don’t crave cigarettes. This is about the longest I ever was able to go without smoking since I was 16.

My wife is making fun of me because I am constantly reading about vaping or watching youtube videos, but it’s only in jest. She has been very supportive, and I really appreciate that.

I tried the Caramel Apple juice as well. It’s ok. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I feel like this one might grow on me. It may need to age a bit more as well, as there is just a hint of a chemically taste to it.

10 days with no cigarettes. Pretty good.



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