Vapelog: Day 11

Ok, this Vapor Chef guy needs to come visit. I gotta buy this cat a beer.

I tried Frosty Blue Jazzberry. If I blindfolded you, you would swear on your life that you were vaping a blue Otterpop.

It is dead on no question about it blue otterpop. Absolutely delicious. I vaped an entire Protank full of this stuff while I was at work today. I just couldn’t stop. It’s like crack.

I ordered more juice (hey I even managed to make it a whole week without ordering anything!).

I had been planning to order a sampler from Indigo Vapors, but after tasting the Frosty Blue Jazzberry from TVC (and realizing that I’ll be completely out of that stuff within a day or two), I had to order some.

I ordered a 36ml bottle of Frosty Blue Jazzberry, and 6ml samples of Frosty Peach, Schmecto Shmooler, Funky Monkey, Frosty Strawberry, Some ‘Mores, Unicorn Poop (since renamed to Unicorn Juice due to trademark issues), and Butter Beer. I wonder what sample they’ll send?

I ordered all of these in 50/50 at 12mg nicotine. Yep, I’m gonna try to halve my nicotine intake. As an aside, TVC really needs to offer some sample packs. I did some math, and to sample everything on the site is like $100. I’m at like $75 with this order and the last one. It’d be nice if for that much I could have gotten a sample of everything. Just sayin’.

Seeing as I’m getting all of these lovely flavors, I figured I need to get a dripping set up so that I can taste juice without having to sacrifice a tank for it.

There are a couple ways to achieve this. I could have ordered a disposable dripping atomizer for like $6-8, and a cheap plastic drip tip for another $2-3. But that is like $10-13 for something that is basically disposable. I ordered an IGO-L, 2.5mm silica wick, 28 and 30ga Kanthal wire, and a DS60 drip tip from Captivape. Total cost was like $25. The IGO-L is a rebuildable dripping atomizer, so when the coil wears out, I can just wrap up another one (I said I’d been watching youtube videos didn’t I?), and the consumable costs are considerably lower than just buying disposable atomizers. RDA’s aren’t for everyone, as there is some work and trial and error involved, but I am willing to give it a shot.

Oh, and apparently Captivape makes juice as well. And they send a 10ml sample with each order. And they let you pick your flavor and nicotine strength. I chose Key Lime Pie at 12mg. I like Key Lime pie, and am really curious how that tastes in a vape.



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