Vapelog: Day 12

The Cranapple from TVC is pretty tasty. I ended up vaping about 3ml of it today.

It’s not like cranapple juice (the kind you drink) though, there isn’t the bitter aftertaste that you get with cranberry juice. It’s maybe more like a cranapple candy. If this was all I had to vape, I wouldn’t even be mad.

My sinuses have been killing me (seasonal allergies. I think I may have to cut down a tree on the side of my house, because I’m pretty sure it is slowly poisoning me). On the upside I did discover today that if I exhale Extreme Ice through my nose that it clears my sinuses up pretty well.

I’ve somehow managed to misplace the $350 Digital Multi Meter that I owned at one point. I’m going to need one of these when the IGO-L I just ordered shows up. I haven’t needed the meter in years, so I can’t rightly say where it got off to. Dammit. I just know that the minute I buy one, I am going to find my missing Fluke meter.

Ah well, at least I can go cheap on this one, I don’t do electronics work anymore so I don’t need the precision that cost $350 in the last one.

I’m really looking forward to getting the next juice order! I can’t wait to try the TVC butterscotch (I told you that you would see that again), I missed the fact that Butter Beer was actually butterscotch on the first order.



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