Vapelog: Day 13

Hunter S. Thompson voice, activate!

Frosty Blue Jazzberry supply, running low. Possibility of mental collapse, is now very real.

I can’t explain how good this juice is. The fact that I’ve started rationing what I have left to conserve it until my next order arrives should tell you everything you need to know.


Well I still have the other samples. Speaking of, the remaining TVC samples, Hobbes’ Blood is pretty dang good. The description lists watermelon and strawberry as dominant, with just a hint of coconut. I get pretty much the exact opposite. The coconut is very strong, and the watermelon is hardly noticeable. I’m thinking that this needs to age a bit more.

This is day 13 of no cigarettes, and I’m feeling rather good about that.

Now if only I could buy some more Frosty Blue Jazzberry locally.

Come on USPS…



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