Vapelog: Day 15

Two weeks since I’ve smoked!

I can’t believe that it has been this easy!

A month ago, if someone had offered me a way to quit smoking that would be this easy (and tasty), I’d have paid five times what it has cost. Without hesitation.

I can breathe again! I never realized how congested smoking was making me. Unreal.

Quite aside from that, this vaping thing is really cool. It feeds my technolust (I work in IT, that’s just a byproduct of my fascination with technology), it tastes fantastic, and it’s not killing me (well at least not any more than breathing the air around here).

Oh, and I have VapeMail!

I got my juice from The Vapor Chef (ran out of Frosty Blue Jazzberry this morning and the mail didn’t get here until 4pm, it was torture!), and my IGO-L RBA from Captivape.

I am constantly amazed by how much larger this stuff looks on the internet (that’s what… nah, I’m not gonna go there). I’ve been watching videos on coil building, and the IGO-L looked so big. Yeah it’s tiny. At least in the sense that I’m going to have to work on that little space and attach a coil in there without touching the deck, posts or cap. I’m sure I’ll get it.

I’ve been aging the juice I got today, and it’s a bit more difficult with glass bottles than with the plastic bottles I’ve been using (anything from TVC larger than 6ml comes in a glass bottle). I had to put the Frosty Blue Jazzberry in its own coffee cup and rice because it is apparently going to take longer than the stuff in plastic bottles (it was very harsh and chemically tasting when the other stuff was good and mellow).

Luckily the 36ml bottles from TVC actually come in a 30ml glass bottle and a 6ml plastic bottle, so I am enjoying some right this very moment…

I tried the Key Lime Pie juice from Captivape. It is amazingly like eating Key Lime Pie, graham cracker crust and all! If you like Key Lime Pie, you should definitely check this one out. A 30ml bottle will run $10 so it is very reasonably priced for the quality of the juice. If someone put this in a tank and told me it was from The Vapor Chef, I would believe them.

Oh, the free sample from The Vapor Chef. I got Cranapple again. I’m ok with it, I liked Cranapple. I might even order some intentionally.

Well I have lots of tinkering to do, I’ll report on the coil build for the IGO-L tomorrow.



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