Vapelog: Day 18

I find that I am dripping more when I am at home. I really dig the flavor I get from dripping. It’s just not convenient enough to do it at work. Maybe I need to get an IGO-S (these are smaller than the IGO-L) or a SMOK Mini for my eGo style battery. We’ll see.

I tried Butter Beer today. This is so much better than Mount Baker Vapor’s butterscotch, I can’t even explain the difference. If MBV’s butterscotch were a Lexus, Butter Beer would be an F/A-18. Not even in the same class. The butterscotch is rich and creamy, the vanilla is tangible but mellow. This I could probably vape all day. I think this may be one that I have to order in quantity.

Oh, and it turns out that the Sigelei wouldn’t fire yesterday because the Protank head had come loose in the tank cap (no idea how exactly that happened). If I’d not been dealing with a screaming kid and in a rush, I’d have probably been able to figure that one out and wouldn’t have smoked part of a cigarette. Gah.

Well I think I am well and truly hooked on vaping. I find myself eyeing more rebuildable atomizers (maybe even one with a tank), and a few select mods. I really want to try a mechanical mod. And I think I want a pipe mod (those are a bit too pricey for me to buy one though).

Oh and of course, here comes California trying to place electronic cigarettes under the same use restrictions as analogs. Really guys? C’mon. You got your smoking bans by lying to the public about what you were doing (yeah anyone remember how the initial bans were only for bars and restaurants, and supposedly for the health of the workers there who “didn’t have a choice”? Looking back it’s pretty plain that a total ban was the goal from the start).

Tomorrow I’m making the first road trip since I’ve stopped smoking. 6 hours or so in a car. Driving through L.A. traffic. If that can’t make me want a cigarette, nothing will.



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