Vapelog: Day 20

Ok, first things first. Legoland was AWESOME!

The kid loved it. I loved it. My wife loved it. Totally didn’t get to see everything, so we are coming back again next summer.

They had the largest lego model ever built there (the lifesize X-Wing that was unveiled in New York last month), which had just arrived about 7 days ago (which is cool because all of the pieces are still shiny and new). I’m totally jealous that they didn’t have this stuff when I was a kid!

I saw my first wild vaper! I’ve heard tell that vaping is widespread in SoCal, but I’d not seen anyone with an APV (I think I like Advanced Personal Vaporizer better than electronic cigarette, as the ones I have look nothing like a cigarette). We had ducked into a table to grab a drink and a bite to eat (If you go to Legoland, buy one of the reusable drink cups the first time you get thirsty, it’ll save you some serious money (and you’re still going to have to pay $1 per refill). We were sitting at the table getting ready to head on when I noticed two women puffing on eGos sitting on a bench.

We had been at Legoland for about three hours at this point, and I had not had the urge to vape. Had I been smoking, I’d have had to smoke at least once during that time.

Anyway, pretty cool.

My first Protank head died today. At least I think that is what happened. It won’t fire. And I don’t have more heads with me (but I do have an eGo as backup). I’ll check it out when I get home (I have two other empty Protanks in the car). Even if it is fried, 20 days on a single $2 head is pretty dang good.



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