Vapelog: Day 22


Awesome. I feel good and continue to be excited about trying new things in the world of vaping.

I tried Funky Monkey from TVC today. I’m on the fence about this one. The nutty taste is overpowering. I get a hint of banana and maybe a touch of chocolate, but mostly nuts. Maybe this needs to mature more before the banana flavor becomes pronounced. On the other hand, banana has always been one of those flavors that they never seem to get quite right unless there are real bananas in it. I’ll reserve judgement.

So I’ve been thinking about vaping, and the gear that I carry around. I think that I need to get something smaller for daily carry. Maybe an eGo 350mAh passthrough and an EVOD, or a small RDA with a short drip tip. I’m not sure yet. I really wish that Kanger would get it together and release the Protank Mini that they have been touting for the last six weeks. They keep saying two weeks more, just get it already! TAKE MY MONEY!

I saw my friend’s daily set up and I am going to try to get some pictures to share as it is pretty slick.



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