Vapelog: Day 23

Yesterday I alluded to a friend of mine’s mobile vaping setup. Well as luck would have it he left it in my car! So I have pictures (sorry dude, this is just too cool not to share).

Here is the carrying case:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

This is a KLOUD aluminum “cigarette” case from Amazon. This has a spring loaded lid which opens automatically when opened by sliding the front of the case down:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

You’s have to see it in action, the spring loaded lid is pretty slick. He’s taken some rigid packing foam (probably from a rack mount appliance) and cut it to fit snugly inside the case, then bored out two holes in it for a eGo-C passthrough 650mAh battery and an EVOD tank.

And a side view:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

You can get a bit better idea of how this works by looking at the full size image.

Here is the contents of the case:


Click to enlarge

I don’t know that you can see it in this picture, but I’m pretty sure it would be possible to cut the foam out a bit differently and be able to fit a small juice bottle in there, and I’m certain that you could also get an extra tank head or two in the bottom of that foam with some careful work.

Here is a picture of the assembled contents next to my EVOD/eGo 650mAh VV pass through for size comparison:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

It’s only about an inch shorter, but my battery totally won’t fit in that case.

Here is the part that I’m interested in most though:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Yeah, that’s a standard micro USB connector (mine has some weird proprietary MicroB usb connection). With this battery I can leave the cable at home (I have a whole box full of them at work).

That’s a pretty sweet travelling set up. If you really pushed, you could probably get a second battery in there along with the wee juice bottle, EVOD, and extra head.

My only complaint is that the battery is not variable voltage. You might be able to find a variable voltage eGo battery that will fit in this case, but not a pass through, and with a 650mAh battery, you’re gonna need that pass through far more than variable voltage (you could sub out the EVOD for an IGO-S or maybe a Smok Mini RDA and just build your coil to the battery).

If only someone made a 350mAh or 400mAh eGo pass through that was variable voltage and about that size…

Now that would be perfect!



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