Vapelog: Day 24

Today I am sampling Frosty Strawberry from The Vapor Chef.

It’s tasty, the strawberry flavor is not like a real strawberry. It’s more like those hard strawberry candies in the red and green wrappers that are supposed to look like a strawberry.

Again, I think I’ve been spoiled by living in central California, and having free access to some of the best fresh strawberries on the planet.

There are so many highly recommended juice makers out there, I am having a really hard time deciding on what to sample next.

I think I’ve pared it down to either Indigo Vapor or Gremlin Juice for my next order. Indigo offers an actual sample pack (several actually, the big ones offer 11-15 bottles in 4ml sampler sizes), where Gremlin just has smaller bottles you can order (10ml, still kind of expensive).

I hear so many amazing reviews that I think I’m starting to develop e-juice ADD.

I have plenty of juice so I am in no danger of running out (though if I keep ordering it my wife may cancel my debit card. Love you hunny!).

I think I am going to wait for a sale before ordering, as the 4th of July is coming up, and there are usually lots of juice sales around holidays (it pays to do some research).

Then again, after vaping on the Key Lime Pie I got from Captivape, I think I want to order some juice from them too…



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