Vapelog: Day 29

I’ve discovered that after vaping juice from The Vapor Chef, my Mt. Baker Vapor juices just don’t taste up to snuff. Maybe it is that I have better equivalents from TVC, I dunno. I filled up an eVod with MBV’s Ocean Breeze this morning, and didn’t even vape half of it. Hobbes’ Blood from TVC is superior.

Maybe it’s just the particular juices I picked. Or it could be the 80/20 PG heavy mix I picked for the MBV juices. The Extreme Ice is still pretty good, but I haven’t tried a menthol juice from anyone else yet. I think I’ll make sure I get some in the next order.

I think I am past craving an analog. I find that if I can’t vape for a couple of hours, it’s no big deal. That was never the case with cigarettes.

I’ve really been thinking about getting a smaller unit for work, and running around. I am tired of carrying all this stuff around with me. I’ve yet to have anything break on me (knock on wood).

Maybe tomorrow I’ll find something that suits my fancy as a ‘on the go’ kit.



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