Vapelog: Day 30

30 thirty days

Well this kind of snuck up on me.

30 days without smoking. Let’s recap:

Cigarettes smoked:

  • 0.5 (it was only a couple drags, and I’ll be generous and call it a half a cigarette).

Juices tried:

  • Mt. Baker Vapor: Extreme Ice
  • Mt. Baker Vapor: Ocean Breeze
  • Mt. Baker Vapor: Butterscotch
  • Mt. Baker Vapor: East Coast Tobacco
  • Highbrow: Peach Thymbra
  • Captivape: Key Lime Pie
  • The Vapor Chef: Honey Pearry
  • The Vapor Chef: Peppermint Pattie
  • The Vapor Chef: Caramel Apple
  • The Vapor Chef: Fluffy Cake
  • The Vapor Chef: PB Nomnoms
  • The Vapor Chef: Hobbes’ Blood
  • The Vapor Chef: Frosty Blue Jazzberry (one 6ml, one 30ml)
  • The Vapor Chef: Cranapple
  • The Vapor Chef:Frosty Peach
  • The Vapor Chef: Shmecto Shmooler
  • The Vapor Chef: Funky Monkey
  • The Vapor Chef: Frosty Strawberry
  • The Vapor Chef: Some ‘Mores
  • The Vapor Chef: Unicorn Juice
  • The Vapor Chef: Butter Beer

Hardware bought:

  • Dual eGo starter kit
  • Sigelei ZMAX v3 Telescope
  • SLB eGo VV 650mAh (variable voltage eGo)
  • Kanger Protank (x3)
  • Kanger eVod (x2)
  • IGO-L RDA + wick and wire
  • Captivape DS60 drip tip

Total expense: $468.00 (odd that it worked out to an even number like that)

That’s a lot. But, considering that I bought more hardware than I needed, and sampled 21 different juices (three of which were 15ml, and two were 30ml), not bad.

That said, this is the longest I’ve ever gone without a cigarette in 20 years. Cheap at twice the price. Plus, it was easy to do!

How much cheaper could I have done it? Well I could have used the original eGo starter kit and maybe one Protank, one eVod, with one pack of heads for hardware. That is roughly $80. I could have used only MBV juices, and probably could have gone the entire 30 days on my initial order of $31 (that was 75ml of juice so maybe one additional 30ml at $8). So call it $120 total.

If we’re looking at cost only, I would have spent roughly $168 on analogs during that same 30 days. Even with my high spend, I’ll break even in 43 days (not quite since I’ll need more juice, so call it 60 more days). Three months from switching, and I’ll start to save money over smoking analogs.


Ok now to the fun stuff!

I’m ordering more hardware (there goes my 60 days to break even right? Nah, this plus figure $70 more for juice only puts the break even at 59 days from now. I have an excel spreadsheet doing these calculations by the way).

As a celebration of making it 30 days without smoking, I ordered an eGo-C Upgrade 650mAh battery from MyVapor Store, along with a SMOKTech Mini RDA and a flat drip tip, and a KLOUD sliding cigarette case from Amazon (thanks bro, that is a cool case). I got the battery specifically to fit in the KLOUD case for travel purposes, and I picked up the Mini RDA and drip tip just for fun, I want to see if I can wrap a coil on something that small.

It was only like $38 total (I had a $10 Amazon gift card from some IT Vendor at work – Thanks guys! – which covered the $6.99 cost, and Amazon Prime got me free two day shipping).

I’ll post up my travel kit once I get it, I plan on rocking one of the eVods in it, and an extra head. I’m going to order a Fruit sampler from Indigo, but the sale doesn’t start until the Fourth of July, so I’ll have to wait until then to place the order.

This has been fun, and I plan to keep blogging though I am not sure if I’ll keep the Vapelog going. I really don’t have much more to say on a daily vaping basis. It is what it is. I enjoy it more than I enjoyed smoking, and I plan to keep vaping.

I hope that if someone on the fence about trying electronic cigarettes read through the Vapelog it convinced you to give it a shot, and maybe made it easier to get into vaping as a smoking alternative.

As for me, I plan to place one more juice order at 12mg nicotine, and then drop down to 6mg nicotine. I will vape 6mg for about 4 weeks and then drop down to 3mg. After maybe 4 more weeks at 3mg, I plan to buy some 0mg juice and have my wife put that and some 3mg in unlabled bottles and see if I can tell the difference. If not, it’s so long nicotine! If I can tell which is which and have nicotine cravings, maybe I’ll cut the 3mg with the 0mg to get some 1.5mg juice. We’ll see.

Thanks for sharing this fun, interesting, and amazingly easy journey into vaping with me.



3 thoughts on “Vapelog: Day 30

  1. Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience. I’ve been a smoker for 18 years. I’ve tried to quit before. Zyban made me feel ill, and cigalikes didn’t satisfy the craving. This time will be different, thanks in part to your vapelog. Keep up the great work… I mean uh, vape on!

  2. I just read your Vapelog in its entirety. It is very funny to me that your story minus the details is almost exactly like mine. Its amazing how easy it is to give up analogs once you get a PV. Im going into my second month now and have probably dropped about a grand on vape related stuff (wife WILL kill me if she ever finds out) but the bright side: The mere thought of smoking makes me cringe!
    Thanks for sharing your story! Maybe Ill see you on r/electronic_cigarette

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