Happy Fourth of July!


I wish everyone here in the US a great Independence day. Spend it relaxing with family and friends. And BLOW SOME SHIT UP!

I’m celebrating in the most American of ways; I’m spending money!

I have been debating between Indigo Vapor and Gremlin Juice for my next juice order for a while now, and today I decided. Why not both (sorry hunny!)?

From Indigo Vapor I ordered the Indigo Fruit Pack (a 4ml sample bottle of every fruit juice they make – 15 total), and the Indigo Pack (four 4ml bottles in the flavor of your choice). I chose Analog Ice, Light em’ up Lemon, Eastwood, and Menthol Madness.

From Gremlin Juice I ordered 10ml bottles of Berry Overload, Blue Gremlin, Chocolate Overload, Orange Gremlin, White Gremlin, and a 15ml bottle of Vanilla Overload (I’ve been looking for a good Vanilla vape, and I head this one is awesome).

After coupons and shipping, that ran me about $80. Hey I could have spent that on cigarettes right?

I’ll drink a cold beer and have a refreshing vape on behalf of all you former smokers out there today.




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