Getting Started: Subordinate Gear Recommendations

Aside from the actual hardware that you use to vape and various chargers, there are a few things that you’re going to want to have on hand at some point. I call this subordinate gear.

Some of this you’ll want right from the outset, some you may never need, and some may be overkill (depending on how much vaping gear you acquire).

Cotton swabsswabs

I use these all the time. I find that they are the perfect size for cleaning out eGo battery connections (mopping up juice from a leak or dipped in rubbing alcohol for removing dried out juice residue), they fit down the stem of a Protank like they were made for it, and just all around a good thing to have.

Paper towels

Go buy stock in a paper towel company. You’re gonna use so many of these that it only makes sense to recoup some of that expense.

I go through about a roll per month, assuming I don’t have any major juice spills.

Blunt tip syringessyringe

These make filling small tanks or cartos super easy, and if you get into DIY juice making, are indispensable (I haven’t gotten into DIY much yet, but I dabble).

You can get these from some vaping vendors, but I find it is usually cheaper to order a 10pk from Amazon. I like the Luer Lock connection type.


click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Aside from the obvious use of mopping up a major juice spill, if you cut a small slit in the top of a thickish sponge it makes a great holder for filling clearos. And they’re cheap.

Digital Multi Meter

Everyone that vapes should have one of these. You don’t need to get crazy and but a top of the line Fluke, but you need a DMM. You can pick one up at Harbor Freight for like $5 that will be sufficient (but expect it to break at some point in the not too distant future).

DMMIf you are going to be rebuilding anything at all, you need one of these.

Not only are these good for measuring resistance, but you should really measure the voltages from your rechargable batteries right off of the charger so you know if your charger is overcharging your batteries.

Needle nose pliers

If you’re going to get into rebuilding, you’ll want these guys. I use them for holding wick and wire while torching, and for pulling chimneys off of Kanger protank heads all the time.


Also known as diagonal cutters or ‘snips’ these are my preferred tool for cutting wick and wire, though a good pair of electricians scissors, or even a quality fingernail clipper can be used in a pinch.

Jewelers screwdrivers

driverRDAs have some tiny little screws on the posts, and these make re-coiling much easier.

Butane torchtorch

I use this for annealing wire, and cleaning silica wick. You can use a cigarette lighter, but butane torches burn cleaner and hotter.

Plano case/tackle box

Do this long enough and you’re probably going to develop a bit of a collection (plus you need somewhere to keep all the subordinate gear right?). I’ve got about 9 clearos, a couple dozen rechargeable batteries (not used only for vaping), wick, wire, mesh, a handful of drip tips, atomizer heads, a couple of RDAs, all this subordinate gear, and various o-rings and such that live in a couple of plano cases. Is it strictly necessary?

VapeCase003No, but neither is anything beyond a cigalike. Plus I like being able to find stuff.

Depending on how much stuff you have you might want to looks at a tackle box or tool box to hold your gear.

Dental floss

I use this to pull wick through micro coils, it makes it really easy.

Dental pickspicks

Sometimes you need to lift the center pin on an eGo battery, or there is some gunk that you just can’t get out of some clearo threads. These make it a snap. You can pick these up at just about any hardware store, or at tons of places online for just a couple bucks.


NoaloxIf you have a mechanical PV, you need to have a bottle of this around. Use just a bit (seriously a little goes a long way) on the threads to prevent binding and to improve the electrical connection. You can buy this online, at most hardware stores (Home Depot has it by the CAT-5 jacks in electrical), or at RadioShack (never buy stuff from ‘The Shack’, it only encourages them).

Don’t use this on your 510 connection, or anywhere your vapor may pass on its way to your lungs.



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