POSSIBLE RECALL: Kanger EVOD *batteries*, maybe.


This morning I’ve seen several reports of SZ Kanger issuing a recall on EVOD batteries that were purchased from them prior to June 24th 2013 (source here), and in some cases all batteries in the market at this time. That’s batteries, not EVOD clearomizers.

KangerTech had this to say on the subject in a news post on their website that appeared today titled “evod battery“:

kanger all evod battery add safeguard PCBA. so all evod battery quality no problem

Now If you poke around the KangerTech website you’ll notice that English is clearly not the first language of whomever is doing the copy writing. Plus you have to keep in mind that Chinese companies operate a bit different than American manufacturers. The likelihood of them coming out and admitting on their website that a massive shipment of batteries may randomly explode is about the same as Joe Biden giving good advice on firearms; less than zero. Couple that with the news release above, and it looks like this is a legit recall to me.

Apparently a mass email was sent out from the distributor Heaven Gifts that discussed the specific batteries:

The potential faulty EVOD batteries are as below:
All EVOD 650mAh batteries in matte black, yellow, blue. Rest colors we sent before June 24.
ALL EVOD 1000mAh batteries in yellow, green. Rest colors we sent before June 24.
All EVOD starter kits in yellow. Rest colors we sent before June 24.

– See more here

I’m guessing whoever wrote that isn’t a native English speaker either. My take on that mess is that all EVOD batteries sent from Kanger prior to June 24th, all 650mAh black, blue or yellow EVOD batteries period, all 1000mAh yellow or green EVOD batteries period, and all yellow EVOD starter kits period are included in this recall.

Supposedly the vendors who bought the batteries involved in the recall have been contacted by their distributors, and will be contacting customers who may have purchased these batteries to get them replaced at no charge.

I do not personally own any EVOD batteries but if I did, I would contact the vendor I purchased them from to find out what they know, and ask them to look into it. And I would immediately cease all use of the batteries that may be included in this recall (I’d probably put them in a non flammable container, something like a ceramic flower pot, and set them outside just to be safe as well).

If there are any further updates to this I will post those too.



One thought on “POSSIBLE RECALL: Kanger EVOD *batteries*, maybe.

  1. I had an evod battery get stuck on (well at least just the light under the button for all i know) and probably because of my crappy half assed attempt at rebuilding my first coil. It was a gift from a friend who had it over a year. The coil was touching the chimney, causing the battery or circuit to malfunction. I took the battery apart and also noticed it could be the ground wire at the bottom of the battery was disconnected before i even opened it up. It slid right out. Needless to say i eventually tinkered until the other wires fell apart and i was screwed. I went out and bought another. I then foolishly tried the messed up tank/coil and same thing happened to the battery. I was pretty concerned about the battery being stuck on, even though it was not connected to the tank. Charges had no affect. handed it back to the dealer and got a replacement. Luckily i bought it that day. I also realized it had to be my faulty coil. I rebuilt several since and no problem.

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