PSA: EVOD Battery Recall

recallToday KangerTech posted the following on their website in relation to the EVOD battery recall:

To all KangerTech customers:

KangerTech is voluntarily recalling all EVOD batteries purchased through Heaven Gifts, that were supplied between the end of March and beginning of April.  While only a few batteries may be affected, we are recalling the entire batch of 6000 EVOD batteries.

We were recently made aware of an issue with an EVOD battery sold through Haven Gifts, an official KangerTech distributor.  After extensive research, we found a potential issue with the internal cell used in the manufacturing of the EVOD, which could fail during the charging of the battery.  These EVOD batteries were manufactured between the end of March to early April, and were only distributed to Heaven Gifts.

KangerTech takes its customers safety very seriously, and is working with Heaven Gifts to recall and replace all of the EVOD batteries that may have this issue.   While we recognize the inconvenience recalls cause our customers, we are taking these actions on their behalf to help ensure their safety.

EVOD batteries sold directly through KangerTech, and other authorized resellers, are not affected in this recall, and are safe to use.  If there are any questions regarding the safety of your EVOD battery, please feel free to contact your place of purchase, or KangerTech directly.

This is from a distributor (Heaven Gifts). Many vendors may have bought from them. If you have any EVOD batteries, contact the vendor who sold them to you, explain the situation, and ask the vendor if they purchased EVOD batteries from Heaven Gifts.

In light of the nature of mass production manufacturing, and the note they posted to their site yesterday, I would not assume that this shipment of EVOD batteries are the only ones in danger of catastrophic failure.

I laud KangerTech’s decision to address the issue (which I find to be unusual for a Chinese manufacturer), but I don’t think they are handling this right. The right answer is that any EVOD batteries sold to distributors prior to the protection circuit implementation should be recalled. I know it’s expensive, but if this turns out that the problem was not just confined to the single batch of 6000 batteries that Kanger is claiming right now, their battery business is toast.

Personally I would just toss any EVOD batteries I had (well recycle them properly anyway), or at minimum demand that the vendor I bought them from get on KangerTech about this. There is enough doubt in my mind that I would not be using any EVOD batteries purchased from a distributor until I was certain that the protected circuit model has saturated the market.

Just my take, you’re free to do as you like.



One thought on “PSA: EVOD Battery Recall

  1. Well in response to your outlook…i couldn’t agree more. Mine blew up just a few hours ago as it sat on my patio table where i was standing. It started an actual fire where it landed after missing my upper body by centimeters.. I’m still in shock. Great way to start my Thanksgiving Day. Im thankful that it wasnt worse than it was.
    Im looking into this whole battery issue..thank you.
    L. N.

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