Hardware Review: Captivape DS60 / BDS60 Drip Tip

Captivape DS60 Standard colors - click to enlarge

Captivape DS60 standard colors – click to enlarge

When I first saw the DS60 (and its big brother the DS90), I had no idea why anyone would want one. On a whim I decided to order one with some other stuff to see if there was any reason other than pure aesthetics that someone would want one.

Looks is a big part of it I’m sure (I’ve since seen some pretty cool looking setups that use the DS60/90 drip tips, including on ePipes – which I am quite taken with).


Length: 60mm (2 11/16″)
Diameter: varies
Connection: Standard 510 drip tip socket
What’s in the box: One 60mm aluminum drip tip, one spare o-ring (slightly larger than the one installed)


  • Length allows for cooler vapor.
  • Length prevents popping juice from reaching your mouth.
  • Looks cool on the right setup.
  • Very comfortable.


  • Cost ($15 for a drip tip is nothing to sneeze at).
  • Inconsistent fit with things that have a standard 510 drip tip socket.
  • Availability (especially for the BDS60).

I didn’t have any issues using the DS60 with my IGO-Ls, or a generic RBA (Octopus clone), but it didn’t fit in my Protank 2. That was kind of a sticking point, since that was really the entire reason I ordered the Protank 2. Luckily I got mine in “natural” (unanodized aluminum), so I was able to remove maybe 0.01″ from the diameter of the connector using a file and some emery paper (I used to be a machinist so I have no qualms getting my hands dirty, but I can see how this would be a huge pain for someone who doesn’t know anything about metal working). Working with a file to remove diameter from a small round object is not easy, and it is really easy to remove too much, so if you are going to try this, go slow.

I don’t know if this is a problem with Captivape, or with the lack of a real standard for 510 drip tips (I suspect the latter), though none of my other drip tips had any issues with the Protank 2.

Captivape does in fact address this right on the product page for the DS60/BDS60:

*Disclaimer: Due to circumstances out of our control and variances from product to product, we cannot ensure/guarantee that our DS family will fit everything perfectly. If we made every product (ie: clearomizers/cartomizers/atomizers) these would fit like a glove, unfortunately we do not :0(


The DS60 comes in the standard colors shown above, as well as special splash anodized variants, and a bent variant, the BDS60.


Captivape BDS60 - click to enlarge

Captivape BDS60 – click to enlarge

The BDS60 is made from stainless steel rather than aluminum like the DS60. I would really rather have had the DS60 in stainless than aluminum, too bad they don’t offer the straight version in stainless. I want a BDS60, but the only use I would have for it is on an ePipe, and I think I would prefer the larger BDS90 for that. We’ll see, I have a BDS90 on the way.

The BDS60 units are all hand bent, so there will be slight variance in the angle of the bend and where the bend is done. I actually like of like that.

The BDS60/90 are frequently out of stock everywhere, which is a good indicator that they are popular, but is really frustrating when you want to buy one.

DS60 Splashed

Captivape DS60 Splashed - click to enlarge

Captivape DS60 Splashed – click to enlarge

The splash anodized variants are really cool looking, and available in the following color combinations:


Unfortunately I am not aware of any RBAs or mods that are anodized in similar colors, though I suppose you could always have anything aluminum splash anodized to match.

All things considered, I am surprised to find that I really like the DS60. It gives a cooler vape on my IGO-L than the other drip tips I have (which I prefer), and it looks stellar on my Protank 2 when attached to the SMOK ePipe (a review of which is coming soon, with pictures!).



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