Resistance Chart for Kanthal A1

I got tired of looking this up again and again, I thought I’d share for anyone interested.

Resistance in Ohms Per Inch (Ω/in):


 26 AWG 0.275 Ω/in
 28 AWG 0.439 Ω/in
 30 AWG 0.696 Ω/in
 32 AWG 1.091 Ω/in
 34 AWG 1.758 Ω/in
 36 AWG 2.783 Ω/in


 0.4x0.1mm 1.091 Ω/in (32 AWG Equivalent)
 0.5x0.1mm 0.883 Ω/in (31 AWG Equivalent)
 0.6x0.1mm 0.696 Ω/in (30 AWG Equivalent)
 0.7x0.1mm 0.545 Ω/in (29 AWG Equivalent)
 0.8x0.1mm 0.439 Ω/in (28 AWG Equivalent)
 0.9x0.1mm 0.345 Ω/in (27 AWG Equivalent)



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