Juice Review: The Vapor Chef – Frosty Blue Jazzberry


Here is my review criteria, let’s get to it!

Product Page

Cost for 15ml: $9.99

As reviewed:

  • 50%PG/50%VG
  • 24mg/ml Nicotine
  • 6ml sample bottle
  • Dripped through an IGO-L on a Sigelei ZMAX v3 at 6.5-8w

Mixing Options: 15 points possible


The Vapor Chef has limited PG/VG customization options, though the options given should cover most people’s tastes, the “Max PG and Max VG” do not exactly tell you if you are getting 100% of either as is implied.

Cost: 5 points possible


While cost is higher than some other vendors, the quality is in line with what I would expect for it.

Packaging (shipping): 5 points possible


Packaging was secure and appropriate for the contents.

Packaging (bottle): 10 points possible


The only deduction is for lack of childproof bottles.

Throat Hit: 5 points possible


As I would expect for a 50/50 mix this juice has a solid throat hit.

Taste (Before Curing): 5 points possible


Very faint taste right out of the bottle, just a hint of chemically taste, not overpowering.

Requires Curing: 10 points possible


I’d have no problem vaping this right out of the mail, though the taste is very faint.

Cure Time: 10 points possible


One day in my car in the hot sun (bottles not in direct sunlight) and the flavor profile on this juice really filled out.

Taste (After Curing): 25 points possible


I Will order this again. I have no issues vaping this all day long.

This, amazingly enough, tastes exactly like vaping a blue Otterpop. Like if I blindfolded you, you would swear I poured a melted blue Otterpop in there.

I love it.

Vapor Production: 5 points possible


Vapor production is consistent and good.

Tank Cracker: 5 points possible


Not a tank cracker.

Preliminary Score:  93/100

Bonus Points: 7 points possible


Free sample with orders over $15, the nicotine level on every sample I have received from the Chef has been the same as what I ordered.

Final Score:  95/100



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