Battery Data: AW IMR 18650 (1600mAh)

Battery DataSpecs

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Brand:  AW
Model:  IMR18650-1600
  IMR (LiNiCoMn)
Bare Cell:  Unknown
Capacity:  1600mAh
Diameter: 18.2mm
Length: 65.9mm
Positive end:  Button Top
Lowest Discharge Voltage:  2.5v
Max Charging Current:  4.5A
Life Cycle: > 500 charge cycles
Maximum Continuous Discharge Rate (CDR): 24A
C Rating:  15C
Source:  Here (that is the manufacturer posting this information)


Regulated APV?:  Yes
Mechanical APV?:  Yes
Lowest Atomizer Resistance before damage?:  0.2Ω

AW IMR batteries are (generally speaking) the only batteries I use in my PVs.

I have charged these batteries in a Nitecore Intellicharger i4 and i2.



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