Battery Data: Efest IMR 18650 (1600mAh)

Battery Data


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Brand:  Efest
Model:  IMR 18650 (1600mAh)
Chemistry:  IMR (LiMn)
Bare Cell:  Unknown
Capacity:  1600mAh
Diameter:  18.1mm
Length: 65.2mm
Positive end:  Flat Top
Lowest Discharge Voltage:  2.5v
Max Charging Current:  Unknown
Life Cycle:  Unknown
Maximum Continuous Discharge Rate (CDR):  15A
C Rating:  10C (this was confirmed in an email by an Efest employee)
Source:  Here


Regulated APV?:  Yes
Mechanical APV?:  Yes
Lowest Atomizer Resistance before damage?:  0.3Ω



4 thoughts on “Battery Data: Efest IMR 18650 (1600mAh)

  1. Is that really a 1500 mah. Cuz I have the same one well a pair lol and it says 1600 mah. I’m curious cuz I’ve only seen these in 1600 mah and higher.

      • Lol we all do it. I was just curious after I seen that I went on a treasure hunt and knew why I couldn’t find it because they don’t make them lol. But I’m sure ppl knew it was a typo lol. I’m just OCD I guess aha

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