Why I like cotton wick

Dude, you think wicks grow on trees?

Dude, you think wicks grow on trees?

I could tell you that have not entirely unfounded health concerns about vaping on silica wick, or that I have even more concern about the materials being sold as silica wick. Or that I’m pretty sure micro particles of chromium steel coming off of stainless steel mesh wicks are not healthy to inhale, nor are carbon particles from the oxidized wicks, or the iron oxide that will inevitably form from the steel sitting in the juice.

I smoked a pack a day plus for twenty years while knowing that I was basically playing Russian roulette with my health, so clearly I’m not scared of a little bit of potential health risk.

But that ain’t the truth.

The truth is, I’m lazy. And cheap.

Cotton as a wick material has many advantages. It’s cheap, readily available, produces a thick flavorful vapor, and hasn’t been shown to be harmful when inhaled in any manner. The extremely high likelihood that it is also safer than the alternatives is not a bad bonus either.

It does burn rather easily, but that is a trade off I’m willing to make.

I see lots of different products recommended as sources of cotton, but many are unquestionably dirty, and some are of questionable composition.

Enter sterile rolled cotton. For like six bucks I buy 4 ounces of sterile rolled cotton (cheap, check) that is sterile (so it’s clean and thoroughly tested for medical applications), so I can use it right out of the package without having to boil and dry it (lazy, check).

It also produces the best vape I’ve ever had. For some unknown reason, I can actually taste silica wick in my vape. With cotton I taste nothing but delicious vapor.

The best part is that if I run out, I can find it in any pharmacy for just a few dollars.

If you haven’t tried cotton wick, I highly recommend it.

Now, if I could just find a cheap local source for resistance wire…



2 thoughts on “Why I like cotton wick

  1. Love your site. Not trying to be critical. I am a bit skeptical about sterility being being any measure of somethings purity. Example: if I took a cotton ball and cleaned my entire bathroom with it, then soaked it in bleach for 1 hour them placed the cup of bleach with the cotton ball still in it into my microwave for 15 mins on high… I’d have a sterile cotton ball.

    • While technically you’d be correct, in that instance it could not be sold as sterile and 100% cotton (foreign matter content is not considered sterile). Most definitely it could not be sold for medical purposes. In this particular instance the lawsuit mania of the last three decades in this country is actually working in our favor.

      Either way, if you feel uncomfortable using it right out of the box boil it for 10 minutes, change the water, and boil it for another 10 minutes. That should remove any impurities.

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