Juice Review: Mt. Baker Vapor – Extreme Ice


Here is my review criteria, let’s get to it!

Product Page

Cost for 15ml: $4.99

Vendor Description: Nothing that even remotely describes the flavor. Seriously, their descriptions suck. You have to read the reviews to figure out what half of their flavors are supposed to be. This one is generally agreed to be a Mint + Menthol flavor.

As reviewed:

  • 80%PG/20%VG
  • 24mg/ml Nicotine
  • 30ml bottle
  • Dripped through an IGO-L on a Sigelei ZMAX v3 at 6.5-8w
  • Vaped in a Kanger Protank on an eGo Twist.

Mixing Options: 15 points possible


MVB is one juice vendor that offers a serious array of options. They have a slection of mix ratios, and you can even add extra flavoring to the juice. They even have a mix your own flavor option.

Cost: 5 points possible


MBV is about the cheapest you are going to find. Coupled with their flavor variety and mixing options it’s a great deal all around.

Packaging (shipping): 5 points possible


Everything arrived correct and secure.

Packaging (bottle): 10 points possible


About the only thing I can gig MBV on with their bottles is that they only offer plastic bottles.

Throat Hit: 5 points possible


As I would expect for a 80/20 mix this juice has a serious throat hit.

Taste (Before Curing): 5 points possible


Tastes very minty and has a strong menthol component, exactly what I was looking for.

Requires Curing: 10 points possible


I could vape this right out of the mail.

Cure Time: 10 points possible


One day in a hot car toned down the menthol a little bit (which is ok), but didn’t have much of an impact on taste.

Taste (After Curing): 25 points possible


Minty, very strong menthol. This is what I used to trick my brain into thinking I was smoking when I first started vaping. It worked for me. I like this, but have since discovered that I prefer mint to menthol, and like some additional flavoring in my juice. I would buy this again, and I could vape it all day, but probably wouldn’t.

Vapor Production: 5 points possible


Vapor production is consistent and good.

Tank Cracker: 5 points possible


Not a tank cracker.

Preliminary Score:  91/100

This is a solid juice, I would recommend this to anyone who likes mint of menthol. The only way it could improve is if MBV offered glass bottles.

Bonus Points: 7 points possible


Free sample with every order I’ve made, same nicotine level as the order, and nicotine up to 36mg/ml.

Final Score:  94/100