Hardware Review: IGO-W


Material:  Stainless steel
Length:  25mm (~1″)
Diameter:  22mm (~7/8″)
Battery Connection:  510
Number of posts:  3
Post holes:  Yes
Number of air holes:  1 (mine came with two, I suspect the second was done by the vendor)
Diameter of air hole(s):  ~1mm
MSRP:  $19.95USD
What’s in the box:


  • (1) IGO-W deck
  • (1) IGO-W top cap
  • (1) Bag of spare parts (2 o-rings, 1 post screw, 1 insulator, 1 small piece of wick and 1 small piece of wire)

Some retailers include the spare parts baggie, some do not. The actual price for these guys ranges from about $13 to $27 depending on vendor (available here, among others).


  • Price.
  • Two negative posts.
  • Post holes!
  • Simple, easy to get working.
  • Spacious drip well makes dripping super easy.
  • Large deck (this is relative with RDA’s).
  • Philips head post screws, no allen wrench to fool with.


  • ~1mm air hole creates a very tight draw.
  • Youde logo laser etched on the top cap.

The small air hole is pretty standard for RDAs, but that logo. Ugh, it looks terrible. If anyone in China is seeing this, don’t do that with the logos. We don’t care. If you must put a logo on it either engrave it, or put it on the bottom of the deck where is it not going to screw with the aesthetics of our APVs.

The logo will sneak up on you because of how it is etched, from some angles it is nearly invisible, and in some lighting it looks like this:


By the way, that is a neat feature, being able to use the top cap as a stand for the deck like that.


Air flow

As I noted at the beginning, these ship with a single ~1mm air hole, and some vendors are drilling a second before selling them. That ugly logo that is laser etched in the top cap is directly where a second air hole would be drilled (on some units, on others it is off to the side).

That single ~1mm air hole is going to limit your cloud chasing. While I’ve seen people bore these out huge, it seems that the sweet spot for most people is somewhere between 1.4 and 1.6mm. That’s not a huge change from the stock air hole, but it makes worlds of difference when it comes to the vapor produced.

I drill out my RDAs to 1/16″ (~1.5mm), and the IGO-W was no exception. With dual 1/16″ air holes the draw is kinda airy, but I prefer that on my RDAs.

Dual coils the easy way

The primary reason I bought the IGO-W is that I wanted to play around with ribbon kanthal, but the IGO-L doesn’t have post holes, and I have a devil of a time with getting ribbon mounted to post screws. Let me save you a whole bunch of time and frustration; use one single piece of wire (or ribbon) to wrap both coils. Here is how I do it:

  • Tighten the wire on one of the negative posts (those are on the outside).
  • Wrap the first coil, and on the last wrap, pass the wire all the way through the center post.
  • Adjust the first coil and tighten off the center post.
  • Wrap the other coil the same way.

Here is what the results look like:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


Like most RDAs, just rinse off the deck (with coils mounted even), and let dry. I will occasionally dry burn the coils if they get terribly gunked up (which doesn’t really seem to be an issue with ribbon kanthal and ekowool so far, but I suppose that could just be the juice I am dripping).

In my review of the IGO-L I said that it was just about the perfect beginner RDA, well it just got dethroned. When my biggest complaint is that your logo is on it, you’ve done something right.